For family and friends

The countryside complex has 6 four-bed houses and bathhouses, which are suitable for rest with family or friends. Premises for events and weddings are also available for rent. You can rent the entire complex for 1600 €.

All the necessary amenities

Newly built guest houses, summer houses and bathhouses are equipped with all the necessary amenities for relaxation. Each room has a toilet, shower, several beds, a kitchen with all kitchen equipment and utensils. In the yard there is a free parking lot, a gazebo, and a grill.

Perfect location

The countryside complex is located 20 km outside Daugavpils, near the town Ilukste in a quiet and picturesque place where you will be completely surrounded by nature and tranquility. You will be completely safe, since the complex is located on a private territory

Available for rent all year round

Renting guest houses on weekends or weekdays is a great time to relax your body and soul. Come to the tranquil nature and enjoy the beautiful lakeside scenery. Guest houses and saunas are available for rent at any time of the year.


The countryside complex offers entertainment for every visitor, young and old. A playground is available for children. If you are love outdoor activities, we will gladly offer you a wonderful vacation near the lakeshore, where you can play volleyball, barbecue, go fishing, try boating and catamarans.